Justin Nitz
Detail Specialist

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Contact Information

    Justin: A Family Man and Jack Nitz & Associates Veteran

    Justin, a 2007 graduate of Cedar Bluffs High School, has been a cornerstone at Jack Nitz & Associates for over 15 years. Following in his family's footsteps, he joined the team full-time after graduation and quickly became an integral part of the operation.

    Auction Expertise & Family Legacy

    Justin thrives in the fast-paced auction environment. He enjoys assisting his dad with a variety of tasks, from auction prep and setup to holding items during the exciting live auctions. But his expertise extends beyond the auction block. Justin is also our in-house detailer, meticulously cleaning and prepping all the vehicles for auction – from boats and RVs to truck tractors. His dedication to detail ensures our equipment shines on auction day.

    Beyond the Auction Block

    When he's not at the office, Justin is the proud owner and operator of JTN Cleaning & Detailing. His passion for detail extends beyond our walls, as he continues to serve long-time customers with his exceptional cleaning and detailing services for a wide range of vehicles.

    A Shared Passion

    Just like his grandfather, Justin has a deep appreciation for John Deere equipment, adding a personal touch to his collection of collectibles.