Heather Klevemann
Title Clerk & Real Estate Agent

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Contact Information

Heather: A Jack Nitz & Associates All-Star

Joining our team in 2005, Heather quickly embraced the world of auctions. Recognizing the value of a full-time real estate specialist, she obtained her license at Randall School of Real Estate in 2007.

Heather's a master of many trades. Before auctions, she tackles inventory, online bidding services, creating catalogs, and processing title paperwork. On auction day, she's our go-to problem-solver, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Afterward, she assists with online payments, shipping, and auction closure.

Beyond the Auction Block

Heather's a devoted wife to Hank and mom to Brittni and Aaron. Brittni is married to Brock and together they have become proud parents of two wonderful children, Mason and Barrett. When she's not busy at work, Heather cherishes spending time with her grandchildren, creating lasting memories. As a family, they all enjoy camping, biking, scenic drives, and target practice! An avid reader across genres, Heather also enjoys whipping up new recipes for holiday feasts.

Heather's Expertise

Heather is always happy to answer any questions related to titles and real estate transactions. Feel free to reach out to her at the office at 402.727.8800 or email her at heather@nitzauctions.com.