Complete Construction Company Business Liquidation Auction - Nitz Auction

Complete Construction Company Business Liquidation Auction


Begins: 06/28/19 at 10:00 AM CDT
Location: 811 N 8th Street, Nebraska City, NE 68410
Begins: 06/29/19 at 10:00 AM CDT
Location: 811 N 8th Street, Nebraska City, NE 68410


FRIDAY & SAT JUNE 28 & 29, 2019 10:00 AM BOTH DAYS
NEBRASKA CITY, NE: 811 N 8th Street (Auction Held on Premises)

Can’t Make it to the Auction, Online Bidding Available

1970 Ford L-8000 Tandem Axle Dump Truck, Cat Diesel Engine, Eaton Fuller 10-Speed, Air Brakes, PS, 112,220 Miles, PTO, AM/FM, VIN#480, 46,000LB GVW, 1 Upright Exhaust, (1) 60GAL Step Fuel Tank, 12’-14’ Steel Dump Body w/ Hoist & Cab Protector, 11R22.5 Radial Tires

1971 Ford F-500 Single Axle Dump Truck, VIN#F50CCL68019, V-8 Gas Eng., 4 & 2 Trans., Hyd. Brakes, Chelsea PTO, 20,000LB GVW, 42,702 Miles Showing, 8’ Dump Body w/ HD Hoist & Cab Protector

1987 Ford Model F-700 Single Axle Dump Truck, VIN#IFDPT74A5HVA28470, Ford Turbo Diesel Eng., 4 & 2 Trans., 14,290 Miles on Tach, 50-Gallon Gas Tank, 9.00-R20 Radial Tires, Heat, AM/FM/Cass Radio, Omaha Standard 16’ Steel Dump Body w/ HD Hoist & Cab Protector, Aero Auto Roll Tarp.

1991 Ford Model F-800 Single Axle Dump Truck, VIN#IFDXK84A7MVA37920, Ford Diesel 6-Cylinder Eng., 5 & 2 Trans., Hyd. Brakes, 79,311 Miles, AC & Heat, AM/FM, Chelsea PTO, (2) 40-Gallon Steel Step Fuel Tanks, Flip Hood, 11R22.5 Radial Tires, 10’ Steel Dump Box w/ HD Hoist & Cab Protector

2008 Sterling Model Acterra Single Axle Dump Truck, VIN#2FZACFDT78A247994, Cummins Turbo Diesel Eng., Allison Auto Trans., AB, PS, Eng. Brake, Heated Mirrors, AR Seat, PTO, AC & Heat, AM/FM, Tilt & Cruise, Flip Hood, 11R22.5 Radial Tires. Crysteel Select 10’ Steel Dump Body w/ HD Hoist & Cab Protector, (2) 50 Gallon Alum. Step Fuel Tanks, 26,000LB GVW, PW, 16,662 Act. Miles, 1,073 Act Hours.

2001 Ford Model F-250 XLT ¾ Ton Pickup, VIN#IFTNF20F21ED65708, 4X2, 7.3 Liter Turbo, Diesel Powerstroke Engine, 6-Speed Man Trans, 237,028 Miles, Cloth Interior, AC & Heat, AM/FM/Cass, PW, PL, Standard Cab w/ 8’ Box, Weatherguard Large Alum. Cross-Top Tool Box

2015 Ford F-150 XLT 4X4 Super Crew Pickup, VIN#IFTFWIEG4FKE30325, Eco-Boost 3.5 L V-6 Gas Eng., Auto Trans., 37,729 Miles, AM/FM/GPS, Cloth Interior, AC & Heat, Power Seats, PW, PL, Chrome Nerf Bars, 275655R18 Radial Tires, Chrome Bumpers, Trailer Tow Package, Weather Guard Cross Box Alum Tool Box

2018 Ford F-150 XLT Super Crew, VIN#IFTEWIED8JFA95454, Eco Boost, Auto Trans, 4X4, 13,166 Act. Miles, AC & Heat, AM/FM/GPS, TH & Cruise, PW, PL, Power Seats, Cloth Interior, Keyless Entry, Chrome Nerf Bars & Bumpers, Trailer Tow Package 275 65R18 Rad. Tires, Spray-On Bed Liner, Weather Guard Alum. Tool Box

1999 Ford F-250 XLT, VN#IFTNF20FgXEA91941, 7.3 Liter Turbo Power Stroke Diesel, 6-Speech Trans, 4X2, 273,713 Miles, Cloth Interior, AC & Heat, AM/FM/Cass, PW, PL, Power Seats, Standard Cab, 8’ Box, Alum Running Boards, LT235/85R16 Radial Tires (Like New), Polished Alum. Wheels, Trailer Tow, Bed Liner, Alum Tool Box

1977 Ford Model F-350 1-Ton Custom Flatbed Pickup, VIN#F375R028504, AC & Heat, V-8 Gas, 4-Speed, 135,215 Miles, AM/FM, Cloth Interior, 8’X9’ Steel Flatbed w/ Headache Rack & 5th Wheel Hitch, 23585R16 Radial Tires, Trailer Tow.

2016 Ford Model F-150 XLT Super Crew Pickup, VN#—-, 48,470 Act. Miles, 3.6 Liter EcoBoost Gas Engine, Auto. Trans., 4X4, Cloth Interior, AC & Heat, AM/FM/GPS, PW & PL, Tilt & Cruise, Chrome Bumpers & Nerf Bars, Spray-On Bed Liner, Weather Guard Alum. Tool Boxes, 275/65R18 Radial Tires, Trailer Tow, Keyless Entry, Power Seats

1989 Ford Model F-250 XL 2-WD Pickup, VIN#1FTHF25M9KKA75814, Diesel Engine, 5-Speed Manual Trans., 253,063 Miles, AC & Heat, AM/FM, Standard Cab & 8’ Box, Headache Rack, Bed Liner, Trailer Tow, 265/75R16 Radial Tires, WeatherGuard Tool Box

2001 Chevrolet Suburban LT 4X4 Sport Utility Vehicles, VIN#—-, 5.3 Liter V-8 Gas Engine, Auto Trans, Cloth Interior, 185,649 Act. Miles, AC & Heat, AM/FM/CD, PW & PL, Power Seats, Tilt & Cruise, Running Boards, 265/70R16 Radial Tires, Trailer Tow, Hatch Back Rear, Very Good Condition For Age

2004 Ford Model E-350 XLT 15-Passenger Cargo Van, VIN#IFBSS3IL64HA05065, 228,910 Miles, Front & Rear AC, Cloth Interior, Tilt & Cruise, PW, PL, 9,100LB GVW, Side & Rear Cargo Doors, HD Alum Ladder Rack, 24575R16 Radial Tires

2008 Ford Model E-350 15-Passenger Cargo Van, VIN#IFBNE31L38DA80386, 5.4 Liter V-8 Gas Engine, Auto Trans., 165,828 Act. Miles, AC & Heat, AM/FM/CD, Tilt & Cruise, PW & PL, Cloth Interior, 8,800LB GVW, Running Boards, 245/75R16 Radial Tires.

1997 Ford Model F-Super Duty 1-Ton Dually Service Pickup, VIN#IFDLF47F6VED17512, 7.3 Liter Power Stroke Turbo Diesel Eng., 5-Speed Manual 2WD, 158,632 Miles, AC & Heat, AM/FM, Tilt & Cruise, Cloth Interior, 15,000LB GVW, 23585R16 Radial Tires, 11’ Steel Contractors Service Body w/ Side Tool Box, Covered Top & Cargo Rear Doors, Interior Shelves

1995 Ford F-250 XLT ¾ Ton Ext. Cab 4X4 Service Pickup, VIN#IFTHX26F6SKBB1229, 7.3 Liter Turbo Power Stroke Diesel, 5-Speed Trans, AC & Heat, AM/FM/Cass, PW, PL, Tilt & Cruise, 498,000 Miles, 26575R16 Radial Tires, Chrome Bumpers, 8’ Steel Service Body w/ Side Locking Tool Boxes

1991 Ford F-700 Single Axle Mechanics Truck, VIN#IFDNK74PMVA02154, Ford Turbo Diesel Eng., 5 & 2 Trans., AB, 123,791 Miles, AC & Heat, AM/FM, Chelsea PTO, 24,500LB GVW, (2) 50GAL Steel Step Fuel Tanks, 9.00-20 Radial Tires, 10’ Steel Contractors Service Body w/ Locking Steel Side Tool Boxes, Trac-Back Model DA-9A8000 Hyd. Lift Cable Crane, (2) Manual Outriggers, Miller Trailblazer 302 Diesel Powered Port. Welder Generator w/ Elec. Start – 1,138 Act. Hours w/ Leads, Gun, Rear Hitch, On-Board Air Compressor w/ Tank, Full Size Acetylene Torch Set w/ Large Tank Gauges

2000 Ford Model F-550 XLT Crew Cab Diesel Dually Mechanics Truck, VIN#IFDAW56FOYEB5167, 7.3 Liter Turbo Power Stroke Engine, 6-Speed Manual Trans, 2WD, 144,125 Act. Miles, 19,000LB GVW, Cloth Interior, AC & Heat, AM/FM/Cass, PW & PL, Tilt & Cruise, Crew Cab w/ Omaha Standard Steel Contractors Body w/ Side Locking Tool Boxes, Newer 225/20R19.5 Radial Tires, Honda EB 11,000 Portable Generator w/ Honda GX620 20 HP Gas Engine w/ Elec. Start, 600.6 Act. Hours, Econo-Ton II HD Elec. Cable Crane, 1-Ton Capacity, Direct Drive Air Compressor, Alum. Running Boards, Trailer Tow.

2002 Sterling Model LT9502 Tandem Axle Knuckle Boom Truck Crane, VIN#2FZHAZAS52AK59873, Caterpillar Model C-12 Turbo Diesel Eng., Eaton Fuller 8-Speed Lo-Lo Road-Ranger Trans, AB, PS, Muncie Air Shift PTO, 73,497 Act. Miles, AC & Heat, AM/FM/Cass Radio, Air Ride Sear, Eng. Brake, Heated Mirrors, Tilt & Cruise, 58,000LB GVW, Dual 40-Gallon Steel Step Fuel Tanks, Cushion Ride Susp., 11R22.5 Radial Tires, 18’ Steel Flatbed w/ Headache Rack & 36” Sides, Palfinger Model PK13000 Hyd. Knuckle Boom Crane, (2) Hyd. Extendable Outriggers, 5-Section Boom, (Very Good Condition).

1976 Chevy C65 Single Axle Crane Truck, VIN#CCE676V124485, V-8 Gas Eng., 5 & 2 Trans., Hyd. Brakes, Brake Lock, 134,287 Miles, (2) 40-Gall Steel Fuel Tanks, 16’ Flatbed w/ Wood Deck, 10.00-20 Tires, National Crane Series 5 Hyd. Crane Unit w/ (4) Hyd. Outriggers, 3-Section Hyd. Boom w/ 15’ Jib, 48’ Hyd. Boom, SN# on Crane N7238.

1993 Loraine Model MC-330 Truck Crane, Caterpillar Front Engine, Cummins 359 5.9L Turbo Diesel Engine- Upper & Lower Eaton Fuller 13-Speed Trans, Air Brakes, PS, Dual Front Steering Axles, Tandem Steering Axles, Cushion Rear Suspension, (4) Hyd. Extendable Outriggers, 105’ 3-Section Main Boom w/ 5-Pulley Front- 20’ Swing Away Jib Pulley, Johnson Hook Ball, 15-22.5 Front Tires, 11.00-20 Rear Tires, 35-Ton Capacity

Lorain Model 330 HD Conventional Boom Truck Crane, Wauhesha Upper & Lower Gas Engines, Manual Trans, Dual Front Steering Axles, Tandem Dual Rear Axles, Cushion Ride, Rear Suspension, Conventional Boom, (4) Hyd. Outriggers, 11,00-20 Tires, SN#33339, 30-Ton

Lorain Moto-Crane HD Conventional Boom Truck Crane, Cummins Upper & Lower Diesel Wauhesha Gas Engines, Manual Trans, Dual Front Steering Axles, Tandem Dual Rear Axles, Cushion Ride, Rear Suspension, Conventional Boom, (4) Hyd. Outriggers, 11,00-20 Tires, SN#32206, 30-Ton

19—GMC Model 6500 1-Axle Knuckle Boom Crane Truck, VIN#—-, V-6 Gas Engine, 4&2 Trans., Hyd. Brakes, 20,000LB GVW, 75,144 Miles Showing, 8.25-20 Tires, 12’ Steel Flatbed w/ 36” Side Rails & Hyd. Rear Lift Gate, Rear Pintle Hitch, Daybrook Hyd. Knuckle Boom Crane, (2) Hyd. Outriggers, 11’4” Hyd. Boom, Model PL-6J, 6,000LB Capacity, Tandem Axle Portable Concrete Pump

(3) Johnson 3 & 4 Wire HD Crane Hook Blocks, 25 & 35 Ton
(4) HD Crane Hook Balls

1993 Caterpillar 953 Crawler/Loader SN#020Z03232, Cat 3204 Diesel Eng., Power Shift Trans, Enclosed Cab w/ AC & Heat, 7,973 Act. Hours, Rear Counter Weight, Front Hyd. Bucket w/ Teeth & Joystick Control, V/G Undercarriage & Track

1999 Caterpillar Model 416C Turbo Diesel MFWD Tractor Loader Backhoe, SN#IWR08773, Cat Diesel Eng., Hydrostat Trans, Enclosed Cab w/ AC & Heat, Front Wheel Assist, Front Hyd. Loader w/ Large Bucket & Joystick Controls, Rear Backhoe Attachment w/ Extend-A-Hoe, 19.5L-24 Rear Tires, 12.5/80-18 Front Tires, AM/FM Radio, 4,775 Hours

1988 Caterpillar 416 Tractor Loader Backhoe, SN#5PC03945, Enclosed Cab w/ Heat, Hydrostat Trans., 8,496 Hours, Front Hyd. Loader w/ Joystick Control, Rear Backhoe Attach. w/ (2) Hyd. Outriggers, 16.9-24 Rear Tires, 2WD, 11L16 Front Tires

(8) Cat Buckets for Tractor Backhoes
Melroe Bobcat Model 907 Hyd. Backhoe Attachment, SN#195602827, 15” Bucket w/ Teeth

2003 I-R Bobcat 430D Hydraulic Mini Excavator, SN#562511032, ZHS Model, Kubota 4-Cyl. Diesel Eng., Enclosed Cab w/ AC & Heat, 3,265 Act. Hours, Standard Stick w/ Quick Coupler, Aux. Hydraulics, 15” Bucket w/ Teeth, Rubber Tracks, Hyd. Lift Front Backfill Blade

Melroe Bobcat Model 763 Skid Steer Loader, SN# 512229733, Kubota 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine, OROPS, 4,366 Actual Hours, Auxiliary Hydraulics, 10-16.5 Tires, 66″ Smooth Bucket, Joystick & Foot Controls.

Melroe Bobcat Model 753 Skid Loader, SN#509631007, Kubota 4-Cyl. Diesel Engine, OROPS, Aup. Hyd., 66” Swath Bucket, 5,227 Hours, Foot & Hand Controls, 10-16.5 Tires

(4) 10-16.5 Bobcat Skidsteer Tires w/ Wheels
Huge Selection of Skidloader & Excavator Buckets
Bobcat 20 Hyd. Drive Auger Unit w/ 8” Bit, Ext, 24” & 15” Bits
Bobcat B950 Hyd. Concrete Breaker Attachment for Mini Excavator
Bobcat Hyd. Concrete Breaker Attachment for Skidloaders
Scarifier Attachment for Skidloader
3-Point & Hitch Attachment for Skidloaders
(1)    Set of 4 Bobcat 12-16.5 Newer Tires Mounted on Bobcat Rims
TMG Model GL-SP240 Hydraulic Angle Blade Attachment for Skid Loaders, 8’ Width
Heavy Duty Forklift Attachment for Skidloaders.
66″ Bucket with Teeth.

Caterpillar D4 Crawler Dozer, SN#6U959, 4-Cyl Diesel Eng., 5-Speed Trans., ROPS, 7’ Blade-Hyd. Lift.

1985 Massey Ferguson Model 30E Powershuttle Grading Tractor, SN#5102Y0273, 4-Cyl Diesel Eng. 2,420 Hours Showing, Foot Control Hydrostat, Trans. Rops, Hyd. Front Loader w/ Joystick Control, 3-Point w/ 1-Cyl. Lift Assist, Hyd. 3rd Arm, 3-Sets of Hyd., 16.9-24 Rear Tires, 11L15 Front Tires, Gannon 3-Point Box Scraper Attachment w/ 8-Shank Hyd. Scarifier, Rear Hitch

19— 1HC Model 504 Gas Utility Tractor, SN#—-, 4-Cyl. Gas Engine, 5-Speed Trans., Wide Front, 3-Point, (1) Hyd. Outlet, PTO, Fenders 14.9-26 Rear Tires (1 New)

2009 Lull Model 944E-42 4×4 Rough Terrain Forklift, SN# 01600038571, Cummins 275 4.5 Liter 4-Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine, (110HP), Hydrostat Transmission, 4×4, 4-Wheel Steer, 1,867 Actual Hours, Dual Hydraulic Frame Leveler Cylinders, 42′ Hydraulic 3-Stage Boom with Joystick Controls & Hydraulic Carriage Rotate, 9,000lb. Capacity, Newer 15.5-25 Tires, Cab with Air Conditioning & Heat, Excellent Condition!

1997 Caterpillar Model GP40 LP Gas Forklift, SN# ICM00927 LP Gas Fired, Hydrostat Trans. 8,000LB Capacity, 6’ Forks, 185” 3-Stage Mast w/ Hyd. Side Shift ROPS, 8.25-15 Pneumatic Front Tires, 7.00-12 Pneumatic Rear Tires, 3,904 Act. Hours

1992 Lull Model 844C-42 Hylander Rough Terrain Forklift, SN#97W14P22-779, Cummins Model 239 4-Cyl Turbo Diesel Eng., 4WD, 4-Wheel Steer, 8,000LB Lift Capacity, 42’ 3-Section Boom, 6,236 Active Hours, Cab w/ AC & Heat, 13.00-24 Tires, 2-Cylinder Frame Leveler, Hyd. Rotating Carriage

JLG Model 1001 HD Boom Attachment w/ Hyd. Drive Cable Lift for RT Forklifts, SN#200931001, 2,000LB Lift Capacity, Like New

Wallace Lift-Truck Model 60-TC36 HD Steel Forklift, Extendable Boom Lift
Lull Model 21B10 HD Boom Attachment for RT Forklifts, 2,000LB Capacity, 10’ Length, SN#97-418

2004 Wells Cargo 8’X16’ Tandem Axle Alum Enclosed Trailer, VIN#IWC200G2942051648, 7,700LB GVW, Cargo Rear Doors, Side Door, 20575R15 Radial Tires.

1999 Wells Cargo, 8’X16’ Tandem Axle Enclosed Alum. Trailer, VIN #1WC200G20X2036928, 2 5/16” Hitch Ball, Rear Cargo Doors, (1) Side Door, 20575R15 Radial Tires.
1998 Wells Cargo Model EW1622 8’X16’ Tandem Axle Enclosed Alum. Trailer, 2 5/16″ Hitch Ball, Rear Cargo Doors, (1) Side Door, 205 75R16 Radial Tires.

2010 Valley Engineering Tandem Axle Fuel Trailer, IV9, Honda GC160 Gas Power Unit w/ Pump & Dual Filters, 500-Gallon Steel Fuel Tank, 15” Tires

1997 Trail King Model TK40-2000 Tandem Axle Flatbed Tag Equip. Trailer, VIN#ITKC02629VM09001, 48,500LB GVW, 20-Ton Frame Rating, AB, 21’ Main Wood Deck, 5’ Fixed Beavertail, 4’ Fold Down Ramps, Spring Susp., 10-17.5 Radial Tires.

1990 Papio Welding Model FB14 Tandem Axle Flatbed Tag Trailer, VIN#IP9FB1423LN89004, 14’ Steel Deck w/ 8” Sides, (2) 42” Fold Down Steel Ramps, 7.00R15 Radial Tires.

2000 Towmaster Model T10P Tandem Axle Flatbed Equipment Tag Trailer, VIN#4KNUT1626YL162126, 14’ Steel Deck w/ 6” Sides, 4’ Fold Down Ramps, 225/75R15 Radial Tires

2005 Maurer 22’ Tandem Axle Tiltdeck Flatbed Tag Trailer, VIN#IM9BD292155152066, 6’ Fixed Front Deck, 16’ Tilt Deck, 235/85R16 Radial Tires, 14,500LB GVW

1985 Belshe Model ONG Single Axle Tiltdeck Flatbed Equipment Tag Trailer, VIN#7286, 12’ Wood Deck, 1’ Fixed Steel Beavertail, 7,000LB GVW, 235/85R16 Radial Tires

Schaben Ind. Tandem Axle Liquid Trailer, 1,000 GAL Poly Tank w/ Legs, Honda 5.5HP Gas Power Unit w/ Banjo Pump

1986 Technical Space 8’X20’ Portable Single Axle Jobsite Office Trailer, VIN#861286, Heat, Side Door, Electrical Hookups.

1998 Wilscot 8’X28’ Single Axle Portable Jobsite Office Trailer, VIN#32K0330, Heat & AC, (2) Side Doors, Elec. Hookups

8’24’ Tandem Axle Alum Portable Jobsite Office Trailer, (1) Side Door, Cargo Rear Doors

1989 TSI 8’X20’ Single Axle Portable Jobsite Office Trailer, VIN#894781, AC & Heat, Elec. Hookups, (1) Side Door.

8X12 Port. Wood Framed Jobsite Office on Steel Skids

1976 8’X20’ Single Portable Jobsite Office Trailer, VIN#3677762, Heat & AC, (2) Side Doors, 2-Section, Electrical Hookups

2014 John Deere Model 625 Gator, 4X4 UV, VIN#IM0625G5CFM101482, Kawasaki Gas Engine w/ Elec. Start, Auto Frames, 4X4, 544 Act. Hours, 3,074 Act. Miles, ROPS, Power Dump Body, IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) Rear Hitch, Excellent Condition, Front Windshield, 26X9.00-12 Front Tires, 26X11.00-12 Rear Tires

Morgan 24’ Portable Conveyor on 1-Axle Cart, Baldor 3HP Electric Motor w/ Starter Switch & Gear Reduction, Model 038415, SN#12211

40’ Steel Shipping Container w/ Wood Floor & Cargo Rear Doors

2018 Tapco Model Pro-19 HD Aluminum Siding Brake on Folding 2-Wheel Cart Stand, SN#10558, Like New

2004 Wacker Model RT820 Articulated Comm. W-B Vibratory Trench Roller Compactor, 33”, SN#544672, Lombardini Diesel Eng. w/ Elec. Start, Wire Remote, Good Condition
Trench Master 2-Wheel Trench Sheeps Foot Compactor, Wheel Attachment for Tractor/Backhoe
Rammarx HD Walk-Behind Vibratory Trench Compactor, 2-Cylinder Diesel Engine
(3) Wacker Model BS-600 Gas Powered Jumping Jack Dirt Compactors, Wacker Gas Engines
(1) Wacker Model BS60-4s Gas Powered Jumping Jack Dirt Compactors, Wacker Gas Engine
(2) Wacker Model WP1550 Comm. Walk-Behind Vibratory Sand Plate Compactors, Wisconsin Robin Gas Engine

Ellis Model 1600 Steel Band Saw, SN# 16051295, Auto Stop, 2-Wheel Cart, Capacity 7″ Round Up to 11″ Flat.

Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Cutting System, G III Series Port. Plasma Cutter on Cart
(2) Miller Suitcase X-Treme 12VS Portable Suitcase Type Wire Feed Welders
Miller MaxStar 150STH Port. Backpack Style Tig Welder w/ Leads, Gun & Case
Millermatic 250 Port Wire Feed Welder on Cart w/ Tank, Leads & Gun
Miller Millermatic 13S Port. Wire Feed Welder on Cart w/ Leads & Gun
Thermal Dynamics Model Pakmaster 100XLT Port. Plasma Cutter on Cart w/ Leads & Gun
Miller Millermatic 140 Auto Set Port. Wire Feed Welder on Cart w/ Leads & Gun
Miller Suitcase X-Treane 12VS Port. Suitcase Type Wire Feed Welder w/ Leads & Gun
Miller MaxStar 150STL Port. Wire Feed Tig Welder w/ Gun, Leads & Case
Miller “Big 40” Port. Welder Generator on 2-Wheel Cart, Gas Eng. w/ Elec. Start, 1,719 Hours, 20575R14 Radial Tires
(2) Miller Dial Arc 250 Portable Constant Current AC/DC Arc Welding Power Source on Cart, Leads
Miller Trailblazer 250G Portable Welder/Generator, Onan Performer 20X5L Gas Engine w/ Electric Start
Miller AEAD-200LE Portable Welder/Generator, Onan Gas Engine w/ Electric Start

Stihl Model T5760 Port. Concrete Quickee Saw
Large Assort. Of Concrete Tools, Trim, Misc. Concrete Items
Large Asst. of 4”-12” Steel Concrete Forms
(3) Concrete Dump Buckets
Large Asst. of 4”-12” Steel Concrete Forms
Diesel Engine Rear Concrete Mixer & Pump, 9-14.5 Tires
(2) Multiquip Whiteman Model “Power Buggy” Comm.
Ride-On Concrete Dump Buggies, Honda Gas Engines, Hydrostat Trans., HD Power Dump Poly Dump Bodies, Dual Rear Steering Wheels & Dual Tandem Front Wheels
(2) Hyd. Drive Concrete Chain Saws w/ Cases
Husqvarna Model K3600 Mark II Portable Hydraulic Drive Wet Cut Concrete “Quickie” Saw w/ Case & 3 Diamond Blades
Allen Engineering 6’ Vibratory Aluminum Screed
3’X4’ Alum. Bull Floats
Partner Model K-3500 Portable Hydraulic Drive Concrete Saw w/ HD Wooden Case
(3) HD Industrial Air Core Drills on Stands, Diamond Cut Core Drill Bits (up to 15” in diameter)
GDM, Inc. Model 24 HD Pneumatic Concrete Wall Saw (3) 36” Diamond Blades (1 New), (1) New 30” Diamond Blade
Huge Asst. of Concrete Form Binders
Allen Engineering HD Alum. Vibratory Concrete Screed w/ Honda 4-Cycle Gas Engine, 8’, 12’ & 14’ Screeds Dim. Model FS4000E HD Electric Walk-Behind
Concrete Saw, 40 HP Electric Motor, Forward & Reverse, 114 Act Hours, Wet Cut
Target HD “Port-A-Saw” Portable Elec. Concrete Block Saw
Target “Quadra-Metic” HD Comm. Walk-Behind Concrete Saw, V-4 Wisconsin Gas Engine w/ Elec. Start, Forward & Reverse, 49 Act. Hours, Wet Cut
Edco Model D-19 Comm. Walk-Behind Elec. Concrete Saw, Baldor 5HP Electric Motor, Wet Cut, 100’ HD Elec. Cord
Edco Model CPM8-58 Comm. Walk-Behind Concrete Grinder, SN#140210317, Baldor 5HP Electric Motor (Like New)
Target Comm. Walk-Behind Concrete Saw, SN#22375, Wise V-4 Gas Engine w/ Elec. Start, Forward & Reverse, 1,971 Act. Hours, Wet Cut
2005 Soft-Cut Model X-150 Comm. Walk-Behind Concrete Saw, SN#8039, Subaru 4.5 HP Gas Engine
Target Comm. Walk-Behind Concrete Saw, SN#8382-5, 2-Cylinder Gas Engine w/ Electric Start, Forward & Reverse, Wet Cut
Amida Model OM52-0201 HD Aluminum Vibratory Screed on 2-Wheel Cart, SN#9802-46313, Hyd. Drive
Amida Model OMWB0106 HD 4-Wheel Concrete Work Bridge, SN#9708-43160, (4) Pneumatic Tires
Wacker-Neuson Model WP1550W Comm. Walk-Behind Vibratory Sand Plate Compactor, SN#30092892, 170cc Gas Engine (Like New)  
(2) Multiquip Whiteman Comm. Walk-Behind Power Trowels, Honda 8HP Gas Engine, 48” Trowels
(1) Bartell Model B424 Comm. Walk-Behind Power Trowel, SN#56691, Honda 4 HP Gas Engine, 24” Trowel
(1) Master Comm. Walk-Behind Power Trowel, Honda Gas Engine, 36” Trowel
(12) 60-120LB Air Jack Hammers & Chisels, (1) Air Tamper, Huge Assortment of Bits
(12) HD Rubbermaid 4-Wheel Track Dump Carts

Atlas Copco Horizontal Industrial Air Compressor, 3HP Electric Motor, 80-Gallon Tank, V-Twin Compressor, Mounted on Steel Forklift Frame, Control Panel, 177 Hours of Operating Time.
Cox Air Caulking Guns
Several 3-10 Gallon Water Jugs
2-Wheel Cart
Eyewash Station
Hoover Port Suitcase Type Vacuum Cleaner
Huge Asst. of HD Power Cords
Huge Asst. of Baldwin, Napa, Motorcraft, Caterpillar Air/Oil Filters
Hepa Vacuum Filters
(2) New Craftsman 12-Gal 6.0 HP Port Wet/Dry Vacs
Approx. 15 Craftsman 16 Gal-6.5 HP Port Wet/Dry Shop Vacs
Hoover Upright Comm. Vacuum Cleaner
(2) Hoover Conquest Dual Head Ind. Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Hitachi Compound Mitre Saw on Folding Stand w/ Cart
Delta 10” Contractors Series 2000 Table Saw
Makita Elec. Chop Saw
Dayton Model IRKT5A Fixed Location Elec. Heater
Werner 2’ Alum. Step Ladder
(2) Omaha Slings Model SWG300 30’ Polyester Slings, Up To 50,000LB Capacity
Makita Pneumatics Model MAC5200 3HP 5.2GAL Portable Air Compressor
(2) Emglo Portable Air Compressor, 1.5HP Motors
Makita Model 5402-A Circular Saw
Several Mighty Lite Self-Retracting Lifelines
Dry Rod II Electrode Stabilizing Oven, 75 Watts
(2) Euro Clean Model WD200 Series Port. Heap Vacuums On Carts
Port. Comm. W-B Elec. Tile Scraper
HD Ind. Light Strings
HD Air Hoses
Pair of Alum. Stilts
Several HD Knaack Jobsite Locking Tool Boxes, Pickup Size
Roper Whitney Model 17 5-Ton Hand Punch on Stand
Delta Sawbuck Elec. Frame & Trim Saw on Folding Stand w/ Cart
Chem. Grout Port. Grout Machine
Large Asst. of Safety Harnesses
(10) Carbide Tipped Saw Blades- 16 5/16”- 52”
DeWalt HD Alum. Folding Saw Stand
Large 6’X4’ Dry Erase Marker Board
(2) Like New Comm. Fans- 18”
(6) HD Adj. Height Laser Tripods
(2) Thomas HD 2-Wheel Mules
Brand New Replacement Seats
Large Asst. of Various Size & Type of Caster Wheels
Huge Selection of Nylon Safety Ropes
Slow & Stop Signs (Double Sided)
(2) 10’ Sections of Roller Conveyor
Craftsman Port. Vacuums
Pair of Knee Platforms
Large Set of HD Power Cords-100’
Pair of 16-Ton Screw Jacks
Several Various Size Fire Extinguishers
Banding Cart w/ Tooling
Jackson HD Wheel Barrow w/ Poly Tub
Hoover Conquest Upright Vac.
18” W-B Magnet
Caution Wet Floor Signs
Safety Welding Masks
Hitachi Elec. Stapler w/ Case
Port. Elec. Sump Pump- Dayton ½ HP
(1) Lawson 72-Bin HD Steel Parts. Organizers w/ New Inv.
(3) Lawson 40-Bin
(1) Lawson 24-Bin
Eyewash Station
Several Comm. Mop Buckets on Wheels
Shop Brooms, Squeegees
(4) HD Steel Shelf Units w/ (4) Shelves Each
(8) Lawson HD 4-Drawer Parts Bins w/ New Inventory
Lots of Elec. Plug Connectors
Large Asst. of Various Parts Assortments
Huge Asst. of Fire Extinguishers
9-Barrel HD Steel Oil Rack w/ (8) 55GAL Drums (w/ product in them)
Westward 20GAL Parts Washer
Lincoln 7-Ton HD Long Ram Air/Hyd. Floor Jack
Lincoln 2-Ton HD Long Ram Hyd. Floor Jack
(12) HD Steel 5GAL Safety Fuel Tanks
Knaack HD Steel Jobsite Tool Boxes
(2) Large Asst. of Various Motor Oil, Antifreeze, Lube, Gear Oil, Diesel Fuel Treatment, Windshield Washer Fluid & Hyd. Fluid
Antique 75LB Anvil on Stand
(2) 6-Wheel Creepers
4-Pair of HD Rubber Wheel Chucks
(2) Pair of Napa 5-Ton Jack Stands
(1) Pair of 16-Ton Screw Jacks
(2) Pair of 20-Ton Screw Jacks
Several Pistol Grip Grease Guns
6’HD Steel Shop/Work Bench w/ 4” vise
HD Steel Shop Cart w/ 3 Shelves on wheels & 4” vise
Lots of Rigid Pipe Wrenches
Lots of HD Clevises w/ Screw & Safety Pins
Like New Schumacher 200-Amp Port Battery Charger on Cart
Oil Safety Rag Can
Several Hitch Inserts w/ Hitch Balls & Pintle Hitches
DeWalt Emglo Port Contractors Air Comp. w/ (2) Wheel Cart, Hose & Extension Cord
Knaack Port. Jobsite Tool Box on Wheels
Altac Copco DirectAir Stationary Ind. Horizontal Air Compressor, New Baldor 5HP Elec. Motor, Model LE7 V-Tun Compressor, 80-Gall Horizontal Tank, 100’ of Hose
Milwaukee HD Elec. Chop Saw
4’ Steel Welding Table w/ 6” Vise
(2) Elec Rod Ovens
Miller Dialarc 250 AC/DC Constant Current Arc Welding Power Source on Cart w/ Leads
Complete Acetylene Torch Set on Soft Cart- Large Size Tanks, Hose, Victor Gauges & Torches
Several Bessey HD C-Clamps
Baldor Bench Top Elec. Grinder I-Buffer on Stand
Several Grinding/Welding Helmets
Several 50-100’ Cords
(2) 2-Wheel Carts
New DeWalt 12” Saw Blades for Mitre Saws
New DeWalt 10” & 12” Saw Blades for Hand Saws
New DeWalt Titanium Drill Bit Sets
HD Werner Step Ladders
Several First Aid Kits
HD Cable Slings, HD Air Hose, Power Cords, Torch Hose
Louisville HD 3-Step Step Ladder
(4) 200’ Tape Measures
Stanley 300’ Power Winder Tape Measure
(4) New Saw Blades
(100) New Cut Off Saw Blades
Ratchet Straps
Lots of Fastener Kits
Bulldog 12,000LB Hyd. Trailer Jack
Concreate Hand Tools- Lots New
Erwin Quick Grip Clamps
Spectra Precision Laser Level w/ Hard Sided Case, Tripod & Measure Rod
(2) Spectra Precision Laser Level Model LL500 Precision Lasers w/ Tripod & Measure Rods
(6) Transit Works Sokkia Nikon Transit Levels w/ Hard Sided Case, Measure Rod & Tripods
New & Used Jack Hammer Bits
HUGE Selection of New & Used Concrete Bits for Rotary Hammers
HUGE Selection of New & Used Red & Yellow Caution Tape
HGUE Selection of New & Used Hilti Concrete Anchor Bolts
Several Victor Torch Gauge Sets- 6 to 8 Sets
(12) New Hilti Core Drill Bits w/ Cases
Huge Asst. of Motorola Port. Radios
Magna ¾ Ton Ratchet Hoist (Like New)
Progressive Model 501 Tracker II Port. Cable Locator w/ Hard Sided Case
Large Comb. Wrenches
GX Structural 1-Ton Steel Sheet Grabbers
HUGE Selection of Safety Harnesses, Clevises, etc.
Bauer 6’ Fiberglass Step Ladder
Bauer 5’ Fiberglass Step Ladder
Stabila 7’ Fiberglass Level
Stabila 7’ Fiberglass Levels w/ Magnets
Stabila 4’ Fiberglass Magnetic Level
(2) Stanley Elec. Glue Guns
(2) Air Needle Scalers
Antique Mossler Dial Type Safe
5-Drawer Fire Proof Locking Cabinet
Evertough Harmonic Balance Puller Kit
Marson Rivet Kit
Several Drill Bit Indexes
K-D Bushing Driver Set
Irwin 41-PC Tap & Die Set
Ridgid Flaring Tool Kit
Heat Shrink Kit
(2) Wright Crows Feet Sets (SAE & Metric)
Napa Fuel Pump & Vacuum Pressure Tester Kit
Kobalt by-Metal Variable Pressure Tester Kit
Balkamp Cooling System Pressure Tester
Lisle Pickle Fork Kit
Solar Battery & System Tester
EverCraft Professional Tubing Bender Set
Hanson Tap & Dye Set
Milwaukee Air Orbital Sander
Anti-Zap Auto Surge Protector
Seaward Model Prime Test Port. Earth Continuity Insulation Tester
Harmonic Balancer Puller Kit
OTC HD Break Spring Tool
Large Combination Wrenches-Wright Brand
Snap-On Angle Head Box End Wrench Sets
Eagle Model PI-47 Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet, 60-GAL Cap on HD Casters
Tensco HD 2-Door Steel Locking Shop Cabinet
Several HD Steel Shelf Units w/ 4-5 Shelves
(3) Lug-All Port. Ratchet Type Cable
(2) C.M. 1-Ton Ratchet Chain Hoists
Large Selection of Safety Clevises
Nylon Rope
Louisville 8’ HD Fiberglass Step Ladder
(5) Sumner Pipe Roller Stands
½ HP Sump Pump
Approx. 30 Sections of Waco HD Poly Trash Chute
(2) 1000-Gallon Fuel Tanks- 1 w/ Safety Reservoir & Tuthill 110V Elec. Meter Pump.
(3) 100-Gallon Steel Fuel Tanks- (2) w/ Hard Pumps
Joy Model D01850 Port. Ind. Air Compressor, SN#212125, Diesel Eng. w/ Elec. Start, 5,425 Hours, 1-Axle Cart
(2) Bauer 36’ Fiberglass Extension Ladders
Bauer 10’ Fiberglass Step Ladder
Bauer 24’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder
Bauer 32’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder
Werner 22’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder
Louisville & Werner 16’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder
(2) Louisville 8’ Fiberglass Step Ladders
(6) Louisville 6’ Fiberglass Step Ladders
(2) Werner Double Sided 8’ Step Ladder
Huge Assortment of HD 25’, 50’ & 100’ Extension Cords
Huge Supply of Cable Slings
(20) HD 1” Air Hoses
Wire Rescue Basket
HUGE Asst. of Shovels, Spades, Post Hole Diggers, Brooms, Concrete Rakes, Reg. Rakes, Potato Forks, Sledge Hammers, Dirt Tampers
Large Asst. of 2-5 Gallon Fuel Cans w/ Safety Lids
8’-12’ Alum. Concrete Screeds
HD 4-Wheel Panel Cart
HD 4-Wheel Barrel Cart
2-Wheel Cart
(15) Knaack HD Steel Jobsite Locking Tool Boxes on Wheels
(2) HD Steel Banding Carts w/ Tools & Banding Rolls
Misc. 36”-48” Pedestal & Shop Fans on Wheels
Misc. Collapsible Jobsite Trash Chutes
Misc. HD Wire Baskets
(15) Universal Reddy Heater & Quality LP Gas Port. Shop Heaters
HD 4-Wheel Freight Carts
(2) Max Model RB655 9.6V Cordless Rebar Tying Tools w/ Cases, Chargers & (2) Batteries Each
(5) Max Model RB395 9.6V Cordless Rebar Tying Tools w/ Cases, Chargers & (2) Batteries Each
Karcher 3500psi Portable Cold Washer Pressure Washer, Kohler Hydro 13 Gas Engine, 2-Wheel Cart, Hose & Spray Wand
Ridgid 14 Gallon/6.0 HP Portable Wet Dry Vac
Knaack Model 32 Jobmaster Chest Locking Jobsite Tool Box (Like New)
Knaack Model 2060 Portable Locking Jobsite Tool Box on HP Casters
Ryobi Portable Generator on Cart, Ryobi 220cc Gas Engine, 3,600 Watt Generator Power
Several Irwin Quick Grip Clamps
Milwaukee HD Electric Reversible Drill
Swanson 6’ Alum. Level
25’ & 50’ HD Extension Cords
Skilsaw Worm Drive Elec. Hand Saw
Minnich HD Electric Concrete Vibrator
2-Wheel Cart
Comm. Mop Bucket on Wheels
Dayton Model 2L493 Pedestal Shop Fan
HD Dirt Tamper
(2)    Pedestal Shop Lights
Log Chains
Hand Tools
Keller 24’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder
Hush Pup Portable Industrial Hydraulic Pump w/ 100’ of Hydraulic Hose
Large Assortment of HD Wood Outrigger Pads w/ Rope Handler
Custom Cage HD Steel Personal Safety Cage for Cranes
(2) Rubbermaid HD 4-Wheel Carts w/ 2 Shelves
(3) Rubbermaid HD 4-Wheel Dump Carts w/ 2 Shelves
(2) HD Steel Panel Carts
Large Asst. of HD Adjustable Height Steel Basement Screw Jacks
Huge Assortment of Various Size Cable Slings
(4) Patz “Mini-Veyor” Portable Elec. Drive Conveyors, 10’ Section, Stands, Elec. Motors, Aluminum Frames, 15” Belts
(3) Saf-T-Cart HD Steel Acetylene Torch Carts
(2) 6-Wheels HD Aluminum Dolly Carts w/ HD Rubber Casters
Several HD Chain Hoists
Gar-Bro HD Steel Concrete Dump Bucket for Cranes w/ Manual Trip/Dump Lever, Like New
Several HD Plastic Wall-Mount Eye Wash Stations
HD Industrial Hydraulic Power Unit, 25HP Electric Motor, Hyd. Pump, HD Steel Frame, 200’ Hose, HD Casters, Control Panel w/ Emergency Stop
(2) Vermette Machine Co. Model 520A Lift Port. Cable Shop Lifts on Wheels
(2) Complete Acetylene Torch Sets w/ Large Tanks, Saf-T-Cart 2-Wheel Carts, Victor Torches & Gauges
(2)Super HD 4-Wheel Dolly Carts w/ HD Casters
Yale 5,000LB Hyd. Pallet Jack
Large Selection of 10 & 20LB Fire Extinguishers
Large Selection of Chain & Ratchet Type Chain Binders
Hitch Inserts
Large Selection of Various Types of Scaffolding
Large Selection of Screw Type Scaffold Jacks
(2) Werner 10’ HD Fiberglass Step Ladders
Approx. (100) 10’X25” HD Concrete Blankets
Approx. (20) Rubbermaid “Brute” HD 55-Gallon Trash Cans
20 Dry Air Model 2000-1200-BE Port. Industrial LP Gas Fired Building Furnace/Heater on Trailer, SN#20332, 1,200 MBH Capacity, 1-Axle Trailer
(3) Port. Room Heaters on 2-Wheel Carts
(2) HD Steel Forklift Dump Boxes on HD 4-Wheel Carts
(2) Kushlan Portable Cement Mixers on Carts w/ Electric Motors
(12) HD Rubbermaid 4-Wheel Track Dump Carts

B&D Elec. Chop Saw
Dewalt Elec. Chop Saw
Milwaukee Elec. Chop Saws
(2) Makita Elec. Chop Saw
(2) Makita Elec. Mitre Saws
Delta Compound Mitre Saw on Stand & 2-Wheel Cart
Hitachi Compound Mitre Saw on Stand & 2-Wheel Cart
Milwaukee Compound Mitre Saw on Stand & 2-Wheel Cart
Delta Model DW744 Port Contractors Job Site Table Saw on Folding Stand w/ Cart
Several Pedestal Shop Lights
(3) Knaack Port Steal Locking Jobsite Tool Boxes
Stihl Model Gas Powered Chain Saw w/ Case
Rhino Air Jack Hammer w/ Air Filter
Trumpf Model N1000-1 Port. Air Nibbler w/ Case
Large Bessey C-Clamp
DeWalt 18-V Cordless Hand Saw & Reversible Drill, Batteries, Case
Skill Saw Elec. Worm Drive
Bosch Cordless Drill
DeWalt DW744 Port. Contractors Table Saw w/ Folding Stand
Large Selection of Hand Tools- Shovels, Spades
Hilti HD Elec. Jack Hammer of Cart w/ Bits
(2) Max 14.4V Lithium Ion Cordless Metal Hand Shears w/ Case, (2) Batteries & Charger
Hilti Model TEG-A22 Port. Cordless Rotary Hammer w/ Case, (2) Batteries & Charger- 22V Lithium Ion
Pry Bars
(3) Senco HD Air Frame Nailers
Hilti Elec HD Angle Grinder w/ Case
Hilti Model TE40-AVR HD Elec. Rotary Hammer w/ Case & Bits
Hilti Model TE7 Elec. Rotary Hammer w/ Case & Bits
Hilti Model TE30—AVR Elec. Rotary Hammer w/ Case & Bits
Milwaukee Elec. Orbital Super Sawsall w/ Case
Hilti Model TE70-ATC HD Elec. Rotary Hammer w/ Case & Bits
(2) Stihl TS700 Gas Powered Quickee Concrete Saws
Spectra Model HV401 Laser Level w/ Tripod, Case & Receiver
Hard Hats
Milwaukee Port. Elec. Band Saw w/ Case
Milwaukee 18V Cordless Port. Hard Band Saw w/ (2) Lithium Batteries, Charger & Case
DeWalt Bosch 18V Lithium Cordless Rev. Drill w/ (2) Batteries, Case & Charger
DeWalt 20V Lithium Ion Cordless 16-Gauge Finish Nailer w/ (2) Batteries, Charger & Case
Milwaukee HD Electromagnetic Drill on HD Steel Stand
Milwaukee Port. Elec. Band Saw
HD ¾” Breaker Bars
Air Rivet Tool
1-R HD 1” Air Impact w/ Long Ram
(3) 1-R HD ¾” Air Impacts
Skill Saw Worm Drive Elec. Hand Saw
¾ & 1” Air Impact Sockets
(3) B & D HD 9” Elec. Angle Grinders
(1) DeWalt HD 9” Elec. Angle Grinders
(2) Bosch HD Steal Elec. Concrete Saws
Milwaukee HD Elec ¾” Reversible Drill
Skill Saw Elec. Worm Drive Hand Saw
(2) Milwaukee ½” Elec Reversible Drill- 1 w/ case
Duo- Fast Elec. Stapler w/ Case
Kel-Welco Port. Bending Tool w/ Case
Aero Elec. Brad Nailer w/ Case
Porter Cable Elec Grolar Saw
Dremel Port. Elec. Grinder Tool
Hilti HDM500 2-Barrel Caulking Gun
(2) DeWalt 4 ½” Elec. Angle Grinder
DeWalt 18V Cordless Sawsall w/ (2) Batteries, Charger, Case
Milwaukee 18V Lithium Cordless Impact Driver w/ (2) Batteries, Charger, Case
Bosch Brute 18V Lithium Cordless Driver Drill w/ 2 Batteries & Case
DeWalt 14.4V Cordless Driver Drill w/ Battery & Case
Eartec Digital Wireless Crane Communication Radio w/ Antenna & Hard-Sided Case
(4) DeWalt 18V Cordless Impact Wrenches w/ Case, Charger & (2) Batteries EACH
Bosch 18V Cordless Screw Gun w/ Case, Charger & Batteries
Bosch Elec. Nibbler w/ Case
Lincoln 12V Elec Grease Gun w/ (2) Batteries, Case & Charger
(2) DeWalt 18V Cordless Hand Saws w/ (1) Battery, (1) Charger & Cases
(4) Bosch Brute 18V Lithium Cordless Driver Drill w/ (2) Batteries, Charger & Case
(3) Milwaukee Port. Elec. Band Saw w/ Case
Milwaukee HD Elec 8” Metal Cutting Saw w/ Case (Like New)
T & B HD Shure Stake Tool to Install T & B Method Connectors w/ Case
Hougen Model HMD150 Magnetic Drill Kit (Like New)
Large Bolt Cutters & Cable Cutters
Kett Model KD-200 Port. Elec. Power Shear w/ Case
Milwaukee HD Elec. ¾” Impacts w/ Sockets & Case
(2) DeWalt 18V Cordless Driver Drills w/ Batteries, Charger & Case
Makita 9.6V Cordless Angle Head Reversible Drill with (2) Batteries, Charger & Case
Milwaukee Elec. Sawsall
Bosch HD Elec. 4 ½” Angle Grinder (Like New)
Makita Elec. Finger Sander, 3/8, (Like New)
Milwaukee HD Elec. Angle Head Drill w/ Case & Bits (Excellent Condition)
Pair of Power Tilter Vacuum Class Handler Units w/ Cases
6-PC Brenell “Jet Swet” Water Line Repair Kit, ½”-2”
Croft Light/Brake Test Box w/ HD Case
Milwaukee 4 ½” Angle Grinder
Porter Cable 3”X21” Elec. Belt Sander
Daurand Model KP5 Air Scarifier w/ Case
I-R Air Die Grinder w/ Case & Bits
Milwaukee ½” Elec. Rev Drill
Milwaukee Elec Sawsall in Case
B & D Ind. HD Elec Grinder
Pacific Laser Systems Port. Hand Held Laser
(3) DeWalt 18V ½” Cordless Impacts w/ (2) Batteries, Charger & Cases
Hilti TE30 Elec. Rotary Hammer w/ Case & Bits
Hilti Model TE25 HD Elec Rotary Hammer w/ Case
Milwaukee Elec. HD Hand Held Band Saw w/ Case
Milwaukee 4 ½” Elec. Angle Grinder w/ Case
I-R 80-PC ½” Impact Set w/ Case
Hitachi Elec. Router w/ Case
Bosch Elec. Laminate Trimmer w/ Case
Kwik Set Door Lock Set Jig
Freud Elec. Bisquit Jointer
Bosch Deluxe Hinge Butt Template
(2) Porter Cable Door Jamb Hinge Sets
(3) DeWalt Elec. Belt Sanders 3”X21”
Porter Cable Belt Sander
Bosch Elec. Hand Sander
(2) Bosch Cordless Oscillating Tools w/ (2) 12V Lithium Batteries & Charger
(3) Milwaukee Elec. Sawsalls
(2) MK Elec. Tile Saws
(4) Bosch Brute 18V Lithium Cordless Driver Drill Kits w/ 2 Batteries, Charger & Case
(12) Hilti, DeWalt & Milwaukee Elec. Screw Shooter Guns
Bosch Elec Jig Saw
(6) Suction Cup Sets w/ Cases
Milwaukee Elec. Screw Gun w/ Metal Container
(2) Porter Cable Elec. Rotary Saws
(2) RotoZip Elec. Drywall Routers
Hitachi, (2) Serco, Elec Air Frame Nailers
DeWalt Elec Angle Drill
(4) Milwaukee Elec. Screw Shooter Gun w/ Case
DeWalt Elec Screw Shooter Gun w/ Case
Bosch Elec. Hammer Drill
(2) Milwaukee ½” Elec. Angle Head Drill
Makita 9.6V Cordless Right Angle Drill, Case, (2) Batteries, Charger
Bosch Elec. 3/8 Drive Right Angle Drill
Porter Cable Elec. Belt Sander
DeWalt Elec. 1/2” Reversible Drill
DeWalt Elec. Screw Gun
(3) DeWalt 4 ½” Elec. Angle Grinders
Makita Elec. Belt Sander
Aurand Elec. Cutter Grinder
SkilSaw Elec. Worm Drive Hand Saw
Husqvarna K3000 Elec. Wet Cut Concrete Saw (Like New)
HD Elec. Shear Wrench
Bosch Elec. Nibbler w/ Case
Milwaukee 18 Gauge Elec. Metal Shear
Porter Cable HD Elec. Band Saw w/ Case
(3) Milwaukee HD Elec. Deep Cut Band Saws w/ Cases
(2) Milwaukee HD Port. Elec. Metal Saws w/ Cases (Like New)
(5) HD 901b Air Jack Hammers
(5) HD Air Chipping Hammers
(4) Elec. Concrete Vibrators
Malita HD Electric Angle Head Drill
Milwaukee HD Electric Sawsall w/ Case
Bosch HD Electric Sawsall w/ Case
Hilti DX36M Ramset Hammer
(2)  Hilti Model TE7-C HD Electric Rotary Hammer w/ Case & Bits
(5) Hilti Model TE70 ATC HD Electric Rotary Hammers w/ Cases & Bits
(4) Hilti Model TE76 ATC HD Electric Rotary Hammers w/ Cases & Bits
(3) Hilti Model TE30-C-AVR HD Electric Rotary Hammers w/ Cases & Bits
Hilti HD Air Frame Nailer w/ Case
Aerosmith Versa Pin Rotary Air Nailers
(4) Bessey HD Large C Clamps
Senco HD Air Frame Nailer w/ Case
Smith & Victor Torch Gauges
(3) Victor Long Reach Torch Heads
(2) Pneutek HD Industrial Air Nailers
(2) Pneutek HD Industrial Air Grinders/Polishers
Carpet & Tile Hand Tools
Large Asst. of Concrete Hand Tools, 4’ Alum Ball Floats, Knee Pads, Concrete Branches & Texture Combs, etc.
Several ½-1 HP Electric Submersible Pumps

Stihl Gas Powered Blower
McCulloch Gas Powered Trimmer
(3) RedMax Gas Powered Trimmers- (1) w/ Dual Brush Attach.
Stihl Model MM55 Comm. W-B Gas Powered Broom
RedMax HBZ2600 Gas Blower
Toro Model CCR2450 W-B Snow blower w/ 5H Gas Engine & Elec. Start
Approx. (15) 2-Gallon Portable Sprayers

Several Hoover Conquest Ind. Upright Vacuum
Structural Steel C-Channels, I-Beams, Etc.
(3) 9’ Tall X 20’ Wide Gates
HD Air framed Steal Inv. Rack w/ (6) Shelves on Each Side
Large Selection of Flat Plate Steal w/ Rack
Huge HD Steel I-Beams
(2) Rustgo Port. Steel Scaffold Units on 4-Wheel Carts
Newer Reading 8’ Steel Contractors Service Body w/ Locking Side Tool Boxes & Enclosed Rear Area
Large Selection of Structural Steel I-Beams, Angle & Other Steel
Large Selection of Hand & Shop Tools (Brooms, Shovels, Etc.)
Enormous Selection of Dry Lumber in All Dimensions
Enormous Selection of 4’X8’ Sheets of Plywood, OSB Board, Etc.
Large Selection of 4”X4” Temporary Structural Lumber
Misc. Rolls of New ½”-1” Wire Cable Spools
Misc. Wire Cable Guy Wires
(2) HD Steel Forklift Dump Boxes
HD 100LB Steel Weights
E-Z-Go Electric Golf Cart


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Jack Nitz & Associates

PO Box 1522 Fremont, NE 68025

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